A Plea From the New LARC Intern


Dearest friends of LARC,


Whenever I heard about lead poisoning in the past, it always seemed like a historical phenomenon. The ubiquitous “unleaded” gasoline vaguely hints at some long dead alternative, and stories of painters gone mad from lead pigments made the toxic metal seem like yesterday’s trouble. What a shock it was when I started learning about LARC’s mission and realized how permanent that history has become. One part of my preconception was true; the US has drastically reduced our lead consumption through strict regulations. Unfortunately, all that lead is still in the soil, where it still poisons thousands of children annually.

I’m studying the Great Books-based curriculum, focusing in Natural Sciences. The Great Books program are all about getting as much exposure to different ways of thinking as possible, and is particularly well apt to place modern truth in a historical context. LARC is proving a fruitful opportunity to study the hard science, history, and social detriment surrounding lead. Rather than a passive, detached study (which can be a problem for us bookworms), my position at LARC is providing me a real opportunity to make the huge improvements we are approaching.

It’s hard to express just how excited I am to be able to help with all the groundbreaking work accomplished here at LARC. I have worked in many nonprofit environments, both as a volunteer and an employee. No other I’ve encountered has a strategy that compares to the efficiency of LARC’s mission. By providing resources and developing innovative methods, LARC is making massive leaps towards a lead free country and world.

Please help me support and learn from the rest of the team here at LARC by contributing to the campaign that pays for my position!


Thank you so much,

Antonio Ruiz

LARC intern