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The risk of lead poisoning isn’t just in Flint

Authored by Sarah Frostenson and Sarah Kliff – April 6, 2016 Vox Headlines: The risk of lead poisoning isn’t just in Flint. So we mapped the risk in every neighborhood in America. Neighborhoods where kids face the highest risk of lead poisoning exist all across America. The trouble is that exposure risk is surprisingly difficult… Read more »

2021.05.18 Lead Abatement Resource Center joins Foxglove Alliance

Headquartered in Chicago, the Lead Abatement Resource Center (LARC) is now the newest member of the Foxglove Alliance (FGA). The LARC was founded in 2014 to focus on the remediation of soil-based lead. It is engaged in collecting, evaluating, inventing, implementing, advocating, educating and researching for effective solutions to lead hazards in the environment through… Read more »

2016.09.09 – Englewood Resident Volunteers Property for Lead Abatement Demonstration Project

Chicago, Ill., September 9th, 2016—A vacant lot in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago will become a community garden, thanks to Beverly Moores, who has offered use of the lot for a local organization to demonstrate a technique for neutralizing the health effects of lead in soil. In late September, the non-profit Chicago-based Lead Abatement Resource… Read more »

2016.08.03 – Lead Abatement Group Undertakes Pilot Project in Barrington Hills

Chicago, Aug. 3, 2016—A Chicago-based group dedicated to remediating lead contamination in soil recently completed a project in Barrington Hills, Ill. to demonstrate a natural method for neutralizing the effects of lead ingested by humans. The Lead Abatement Resource Center (LARC) recently applied a substance called “Apatite II,” composed principally of ground up fish bones,… Read more »

2016.07.11 – Englewood Community Agriculture Leader Joins Board of Lead Abatement Group

Chicago, Ill., July 11, 2016—Micheal Y. Newman-Brooks, a business manager and horticulturalist residing in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, is the newest board member of the Chicago-based Lead Abatement Resource Center (LARC), an organization devoted to combating environmental lead contamination. Micheal (pronounced “MISH-ell”) grew up in Chicago and attended the University St. Francis, in Fort… Read more »