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Join the progress against childhood lead poisoning. 

Watch this video to learn about lead exposures where our children live and play.

The Lead Abatement Resource Center Foundation (LARC Foundation) is an independent nonprofit organization (501c3) dedicated to eliminating positive blood levels in children. We do this through education, advocacy, and research on the child, the family, and the community.

In children especially, a positive blood lead level results in cognitive impairment and a lifetime of mental and physical health challenges. There is no acceptable level of lead exposure.

Today, we are engaged in a broad lead awareness campaign focused on communities where there is a known propensity of measured blood lead levels in children. Our program framework describes the primary sources of lead contamination; offers practical prevention methods, and identifies resources for testing, evaluation, care, and if necessary, remediation.

The LARC “framework,” addresses public health, healthcare, and environmental issues.

We are evaluating, implementing, advocating, educating, and researching effective solutions to all types of lead hazards in the environment through cooperative partnerships with community groups, government agencies, businesses, and individuals.