About LARC Foundation

LARC was established in Chicago, Illinois, in 2014. Today, it is recognized as a charitable Private Operating Foundation (i.e., the LARC Foundation) focused on charitable, educational, and scientific initiatives. As such, the LARC Foundation pursues various charitable activities and programs in the public and private sectors. The Foundation also supports charitable activities by making grants, to organizations or individuals for research, scientific, and educational purposes consistent with its mission and priorities.

An independent Board of Directors governs the LARC Foundation. The Foundation is supported, in part, by generous contributions from individual and corporate donors. 

We are committed to the following:

  • Increasing awareness of the hazards of lead exposure prevalent in the city and suburban yards, gardens, parks, playgrounds, and public right-of-ways
  • Researching evidence-based best practices to mitigate lead-based hazards
  • Implementing population-based primary prevention programs to eliminate lead contamination as a major pathway of exposure to children through cooperative partnerships with community organizations, government agencies, individuals, and businesses.
  • Educating others in disease prevention and environmental prevention related to lead.  

LARC Foundation Board of Directors:

Barry S. Eisenberg, CAE, MA
Board Chair

Anthony Harris, MD, MBA, MPH
Board Member

Rod P. Musselman, DPH
Board Member

Micheál Y. Newman-Brooks
Board Member

Debbie Frisch, Advisory Council

Deborah J. Hodges, Association Manager