2021.05.18 Lead Abatement Resource Center joins Foxglove Alliance

Headquartered in Chicago, the Lead Abatement Resource Center (LARC) is now the newest member of the Foxglove Alliance (FGA). The LARC was founded in 2014 to focus on the remediation of soil-based lead. It is engaged in collecting, evaluating, inventing, implementing, advocating, educating and researching for effective solutions to lead hazards in the environment through cooperative partnerships with community organizations, government agencies and private sector businesses.

LARC Foundation Board Chairman Barry Eisenberg said, “The LARC Foundation is honored to be joining the Foxglove Alliance. In a short period of time, the Alliance has brought together a diverse group of organizations, all dedicated to advancing science and improving the health of the community. We look forward to contributing to this important coalition”.

Foxglove Alliance Coordinator Levi Moore added, “The LARC is a great addition to the Foxglove Alliance line-up. The LARC to us represents a partner that works in the convergence of science, public health and direct improvement of the quality of life in Chicago. It significantly increases the types of projects the coalition can collaborate on.”

The Foxglove Alliance is embarking on a number of projects as a coalition, including a campaign to increase the participation of minorities in medical/clinical research studies. It also tries to identify opportunities for groups of members and partners can further key Chicago health-centric public initiatives like Healthy Chicago 2025. Susan Browning, the LARC’s executive director conveyed, “the Foxglove Alliance will be an essential resource for LARC as we expand awareness of, and offer evidence-based solutions to, childhood lead poisoning. There is no question that the “coalition approach” is the future of public health improvement, and we look forward to being an effective contributor to the Alliance”.