Corporate Sponsors

Each year a new class of children becomes inflicted with developmental disabilities due to their exposure to lead contaminated soil pervasive in city and suburban properties. The generous support of corporate sponsors allows LARC to pursue its unique mission to remedy this problem with a practical and efficient solution suitable for widespread application.

Supporting LARC make sponsors active agents in fighting the epidemic of childhood disabilities generating $50 billion a year in social costs.1 By partnering with LARC, sponsors become leaders battling the number one environmental threat facing American children.2 It is a meaningful and rewarding way to reach millions of concerned families in every community across the country.

Value Proposition:

  • Your company logo is featured prominently on the LARC website.
  • A link with your logo invites visitors to view your corporate responsibility mission and your company’s website.
  • Sponsor logos are included with all public events and promotional materials.
  • A framed Sponsorship Acknowledgment is provided for display in retail and office settings.
  • Sponsors gain direct exposure to families with young children, homeowners, urban gardeners, teachers, school boards, day-care providers and civic leaders recognizing lead poisoning is the most common and societal devastating environmental disease facing children.3
Non-Profits and For-Profit Corporations Partnering for an Effective Remedy to Childhood Lead Poisoning

Non-Profits and For-Profit Corporations Partnering for an Effective Remedy to Childhood Lead Poisoning

Two levels of sponsorship participation:

Principle Sponsor ($5,000 or More Level)
Sponsor’s logo is prominently positioned on the LARC homepage on all interior pages and on LARC promotional materials.

Supporting Sponsor ($1,500 – $4,999 Level)
Sponsor’s logo is position on the LARC homepage inside a slow moving crawl with other Supporting Sponsors.


LARC reserves the right to decline sponsorships from corporate entities whose practices, policies, or operations are deemed unacceptable and contrary to the values implicit in its mission.

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