Can Imported Products Contain Lead?

Yes, many imported products contain lead. Examples include:

  1. Imported Home Remedies and Imported Cosmetics
    Often imported from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, the Dominican Republic, or Mexico These products can contain lead. The remedies are often bright yellow or orange in color. Examples include: Alarcon, Alkohl, Azarcon, Bali goli, Bint al zahab, Coral, Greta, Farouk, Ghasard, Kandu, Kohl, Liga, Litargirio, Lozeena, Pay-loo-ah, Sindoor, and Surma. There are many others.
  2. Imported or Handmade Pottery and Tableware
    These products often have leaded glazes that can get into food and beverages when these ceramics are used for cooking or storing food.
  3. Imported Candies and Foods
    This is especially true with food products from Mexico containing chili or tamarind. Lead is also found in candy, wrappers, pottery containers, and in certain ethnic foods, such as chapulines (dried grasshoppers).
  4. Metal Jewelry
    Lead is found in inexpensive children’s jewelry sold in vending machines across the country. It also has been found in inexpensive metal amulets worn for good luck or protection. Some costume jewelry designed for adults has also been found to contain lead