Maectite Scientific Papers


Lead and other heavy metal fixation in soils and solid waste by the MAECTITE® chemical treatment process.


Karl W. Yost, Dhiraj Pal, PhD., Steven A. Chisick, P.G., Walter V. Jesernig, P.E.


For Presentation at the 49th ANNUAL PURDUE INDUSTRIAL WASTE CONFERENCE. May 10, 1994



Lead and other heavy metals are chemically fixated using the MAECTITE® treatment process. Treatment reactions convert leachable metal species to geochemically stable and hardened mixed mineral forms within the waste matrix that are resistant to EPTOX, TCLP, MEP, acid-leach and other test methods utilized to define RCRA toxic waste and waste product longevity. Case history data from comprehensive treatability studies support process utilization on all soil types examined, debris, and solid waste consisting of battery casings, lead projectiles, sludges, slag, paint chips with abrasives, and other waste material types. Through detailed remedial work plans and other mechanisms combining engineering, geologic, soil science, and operational construction disciplines, full-scale MAECTITE® processing at RCRA, NPL, emergency response, and other lead contaminated sites on private, state, and federally funded projects have been successfully addressed. The MAECTITE® process has been patented and registered with the U.S. Patent Trademark Office.